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Watering Poem


We sit in your garden trying to grow

Dying of thirst in this heat

With the summer around us

And the dryness at peak

You think it’d be time for a drink

A drip and a drop hits the ground

And makes its way to our roots

The thunder comes crashing

And the rain starts to pour

Are we finally getting a good soaking?

This rain’s not enough

Though you think it would be

As it ruins your summer fun

But for us little plants

Its hope of what water is yet to come

We are all dehydrated

In this summer sun

Withering away in this heat

All we want is a little help

So we can show off to our best.

So all we ask next time you’re around

Shower us with that H2O

For we can give you plenty more

Given the water to grow

Try not to water us

In the heat of the day

Eleven ‘o’clock to four

We are just like you humans

We burn in the sun

We prefer being watered when cool

So give us a chance

And water us plants

We promise to grow better each time

For all we need is a little more water

A little more H20.



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