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My own garden build – Chapter Two

The clearance

After detailed discussions with our contractor about the plan, we clearly marked in the borders what plants and trees would need to remain and what would be cleared, a man with a digger was called in to do the clearance.

Even though I have designed many gardens, I have rarely been on site when this process takes  place. A skilled digger driver is quite a sight to behold. A digger not have to dig holes; pulling out trees, scraping off a layer of turf and levelling out topsoil, and breaking up old paving, there is an attachment for it all.

Over 2 days he cleared unwanted shrubs, the lawn, our old path, a concrete patio at the end of the garden and the top of the old patio by the house, and finally levelling out our top soil into a nice smooth slope instead of a lumpy step in the middle.

All the waste was put straight into a couple of waiting skips. Done and dusted a clean slate ready for the new garden to be built.

All this was done at the height of the summer heatwave, not highly recommended as a time for moving plants or a great time for having a dust bowl for a garden, but better than a mud pit.

In chapter 3 we look at 3 new patio areas and a new path.


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