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Artificial turf and gravel garden

A Grassless Garden

Artificial Grass is not the right choice for most gardens. On occasions it is the perfect solution. A small family garden located in Molesey, where the client wanted a friendly environment for her two teenage boys, as well as a relaxing space for everyone to enjoy. The client had struggled to grow grass in some areas of her garden due to a trampoline  and a large pear tree, which created shade and took up moisture.  The client’s teenage boys, being keen sport enthusiasts had nowhere big enough to play table tennis and the client was worried about them ruining what grass she had left. There was a lack of colour in the garden, so the client wanted lush plants that could easily be maintained and were teenage proof.

The solution – We created an area out of artificial turf that was large enough for a competitive game of table tennis. We removed the ageing and unsafe pear tree to allow more space and light in to the garden. Surrounding the artificial turf we created a simple and cost effective gravel garden.  We planted within the gravel to provide a mixture of fragrant shrubs and herbaceous perennials. We tried to keep planting simple and made sure it would offer colour all year round. In the borders along the boundary we planted ground covering herbaceous perennials that were hardy and wouldn’t require too much maintenance over the year. To add a special touch to the garden, we placed a mirror on the back fence at the end of the path, this created an interesting focal point that makes the garden look bigger and as if there was another part to the garden. As the budget was small, we took up and cleaned the old sandstone path and used the flags as stepping stones within the gravel.

Total budget for project – £4500.  

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