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Schools back doesn’t mean winter is here!

I hate to burst the bubble of gloom that has descended over Britain due to a few dull days, summer may be ending, but that does not mean Winter is here. So many clients are talking about winter already, some thinking that the garden is finished, others hoping that garden work is done for the year.

September is a fantastic month for colour, Aster’s, Sedums, Echinacea, Japanese anemone’s to name just a few. and if you’ve not got any colour in your garden right now, the next few months are what us garden people call planting season. The soil is warm, there is plenty of rain, plants can settle in and get established well before the hard frosts arrive in winter. So get planting now so that next year you will have colour all year round.japanese-anemone

To those hoping to rest up, yes the grass is still growing and so are the weeds. Don’t forget the glorious months of Autumn. As the evenings draw in, and flowers start to fade in October, the leaves and berries take centre stage, glorious gold to red colours making the landscape glow.

Winter is months away, don’t wish it here early, enjoy the season now, it is one of Britain’s best.

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