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Spring Clean your Garden

Jobs to do in March & April

I don’t know about you, but I often ignore my garden throughout the winter months, pretending nothing is
happening, it’s too cold right? But every year I notice that as the winter months get warmer things in my garden
keep growing.
Right now my lawn is too long, there are weeds everywhere and I need to start the spring cut back of my grasses,
and evergreen perennials. I know that if I don’t get ahead in the early months of spring then the garden will run
away from me come the summer months.
Like most jobs that you think will take forever, I’m not alone, I know in delaying the task. But it doesn’t have to be
done in one go, or even in the same weekend, however making a start is key and may well get the ball rolling. I find
getting someone to help me is really useful, even if they don’t know much about gardening; it helps to have
someone to clear the weeds away or empty the grass bucket on the mower. I also when I’m really busy get a
professional in to help/do it for me.

A helpful to do list

  • Choose a dry day and mow the lawn first. And don’t forget to tidy the edges. It makes the garden look
    instantly tidy.
  • Weeding: You can hoe or fork out weeds, (watch out for bulbs) whichever works for you, but I
    recommend picking up the weeds and removing them. It looks tidier and removes the risk of seeds and
    roots repopulating the soil.
  • I love tall grasses, but by now they are looking a bit untidy, and new bright green shoots will be popping
    their heads through very soon. So a pair of shears to chop just above the base and clear away all the straw
    coloured stems and leaves ready for new growth.
  • My next job is tidying shrubs and plants that have been green through the winter. This could be a simple
    tidy with secateurs, or cutting back faster growing plants like Penstemon by half. Take off any brown
    leaves and generally give each plant the once over.
  • Dividing plants: If you are keen this is a great time to divide large perennials, often it is as simple as lifting
    a large clump of a plant and gently teasing it into new plants; primroses, and bergenia are particularly
    easy. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does give the plants more space and you get free plants.
  • Pruning coloured stems. If you have any plants that have been showing off their bright coloured stems
    this winter, I’m thinking of Cornus particularly, now is the time to cut them back. You can go in quite hard
    cutting everything back to 2 buds above the ground. If that make you nervous, do about a half, and cut
    back the rest next year. As the stems get older the colours darken, bright colours only appear on new
  • You will now be able to see the gaps in your borders, and you can put in some of the plants you divided
    into new areas of the garden, But don’t forget, some plants won’t have come into leaf yet, so be careful
    where you dig.Sit back with a glass of something and admire the fruits of your labour.
    Useful websites to help.

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