My own garden build – Chapter 4

It has been some time since I gave an update to our garden build, a year on the garden is pretty much completed, here is the next installment. Some important finishing touches Our garden was really starting to take shape, we had survived the hottest part of the summer, and none of the plants we had moved had died, and our hard cut back climbers were back in full leaf, but something big was missing. Our new lawn. Goodbye moss invaded,  uneven grass, hello smooth, healthy lawn, without a dandelion in sight.

Marking out the lawn
Marking out the lawn


My design included a curvy lawn that helps to mark out the upper and lower spaces of the garden, and to ensure we have the perfect shape, the lawn edges were marked out with pegs, and metal edging was curved to fit the shape, before being locked together. The edging will remain in place to give a permanent edging to the lawn.

IMG_7163 (480x640)
New Turf