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To Lush Planting From Narrow Borders

Enlarging beds to fit the shrubs within

A large south-facing garden located in Walton-on-the-hill, where the clients wanted to create a more attractive and more inspiring garden with lush planting. They wanted to keeping it looking natural, and relaxed. They were fed up of seeing too much fence and a large expanse of lawn. They also felt they had too many large unnecessary evergreen shrubs, and were constantly struggling to keep the shrubs within their narrow borders. They also felt that any colour that the garden provided was a long way away from the patio area. The clients wanted an additional deck area away from the house for entertaining;  which could seat at least six people and was surrounded by planting.

The solution, we created larger beds around the boundary and took out some of the larger laurel shrubs which had grown very tall, replacing them with some deciduous trees that would give seasonal interest and allow more light into the garden. This created a feeling of space and allowed a lot more light to flow into the garden. We added lots of colourful perennials into the borders and created new beds around the patio so that the garden felt closer to the house. A warm planting scheme with corals, reds and pinks was planted to remind the clients of their favourite holidays. A new deck was built at the edge of the lush planting for a shady dining area on sunny days. The new beds gave plenty of room for the shrubs to grow, and were in keeping with the width of the garden, creating impact and colour. The clay soil meant that we needed to pick our plants with care, and some damp loving plants such as  Gunnera Maicata in the very dampest corners. Their architectural leaves create impact where other plants refuse to grow.

Budget £6000

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