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A Patio Garden for All Year Round Entertaining

My client had recently had a substantial extension, which ate into their garden considerably, meaning they lost their patio and much of the garden became compacted with building materials;. along with the addition of a large young dog to the family who loved to dig, the garden was becoming a muddy patch with some over grown shrubs. 

What was important was to have an outdoor room, full of lovely plants, surrounded by a variety of greens and lots of strong bold colours. The space needed to be one for relaxing in, with room to sit quietly or to entertain and barbeque friends. Both my clients are busy professionals and whilst they enjoy gardening they didn’t want to make it a weekly chore. 

They wanted to make their own stamp on the garden with some personal features and materials that have sentimental value, including a water feature and some fun statues. 

We created a zoned patio garden with raised beds that meant the plants were safe from the dog. No lawn meant no temptation to dig, and no mud in the house on wet days. 

We opened the garden up to allow plenty of space for a large table and chairs and a big barbeque area. Two pergola’s gave the garden height and will in time be covered in climbers to add vertical interest. Trellis screened the shed and the bins from the rest of the garden, whilst still giving the garden a feeling of space and light. 

Budget £15,000.

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