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Hints and tips on creating Gardens without Lawns

How to create a beautiful garden without needing to mow


Lawns can be a wonderful asset to a garden. However they can consume an enormous amount of time and can use a lot of resources. In many areas a lawn may not be practical, for example in a small city garden, in a drought area, a very shady garden and above ground sites such as roof gardens.

If you want a garden without the hassle of a lawn, there are many varied ways to achieve an amazing garden that will look different to a traditional English garden, and can still have a lush green space.

Filling your garden with concrete is never going to be good for the soul or the environment:  A garden must have some plants: it needs to be a space that you want to spend time in, or is beautiful to look at. It is also important to remember drainage with a patio: water must be able to run into the ground somewhere, either into generous flowerbeds, or a simple slot drain.

So where to start?

  • Careful planting is key when you don’t have lawn in your garden. There are numerous amounts of evergreen plants that can be used to create a leafy haven and soften the hard landscaping materials you have used.  With a great planting plan and a good knowledge of plants you should be able to create an amazing green garden; that offers interest all year round.
  • A mix of materials or mixed media can add both colour and textural interest.  This is where you are mixing two or more materials together in a space The results can create a dynamic contrast. When thinking of doing a mixed media garden it is always important that the materials work well together. 

Here are some great materials that can add interest to your garden without lawn.

  • Natural stone paving – A more obvious choice, a beautiful range of colours and finishes to suit your budget, mixed with other materials this can give a long lasting, easy to maintain surface.
  • Brick – brick is available in many sizes and colours and can be set in an endless variety of patterns. Brick combines extremely well with plants and looks great near water.
  • Pebble and gravel gardens – a pebble garden can create both a formal and informal look that can be easily altered or be permanent and durable. Pebbles are available is a wide range of sizes and colours, which means there are numerous of combinations that can be used to create a design that will be unique and different.
  • Resin bound gravel – A great treatment of tiny pebbles mixed into a clear resin, the choice of colours in endless, and it can be used for driveways, paths, patios, and is completely porous.
  • Tiles – A terrific way to add colour is to extend this idea by using mosaic, this can be pebble, ceramic, glass, Victorian tiles, anything you choose, it adds a distinctive ornamental quality and will be completely individual to you.  A mosaic pattern can be used as a path or can be used to create a shape within a patio, or simply on ornamental pieces around the garden.
  • Hardwood Decks work really well in sunny south facing gardens and are a great and stylish way to replace grass. They are great to use as an entertaining space. When well designed they can look attractive and stylish and can suit a contemporary garden very nicely.
  • Newer materials through specialist suppliers include polished concrete, porcelain tiles, composite decking,

Your options are many, but keep your materials to a few, more than 3 and the whole look becomes messy and cluttered, let your imagination go and you can create something truly unique.

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